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Internet is the fast, wide and cheapest way to introduce a new brand at present. Here I am listing few fair ways to lead the marked by utilizing the power of Internet to launch a new brand.

Internet to brand1

Deploy a brand new website

Having a nice looking website is the most important step. It is the basic and must have turn to do any business when you are doing an online advertising. The website will be providing all the public available information to the visitors.

The website should contain following information about your company.

  1. Company name – I am not joking, there should be full name which is used for registration on the website other than the brand name.
  2. Physical address – You should have a physical location even your business is completely online.
  3. Email address – Your site have a nice contact us form, still a spam free email ID will help visitors to get back to you easily.( I like sending email than filling those forms )
  4. A history even if it is brand new – I’m not talking about the Tom and Dick who met Harry and they began this company. But let’s try something new.
  5. Authorize – It is better to have nice logos of certification sites like BBB, TRUSTe

Remember, visitors are not coming to website to see your brochures, give them something else.

Start a Blog

When the Web2.0 was boomed, almost every media company started blogging. It was seen that the growth of blogging community is still growing. Blog makes the interaction easier with your clients. In a website, the contents are arranged with a hierarchy. But blogs provide a timeline based reading experience which gives the latest ideas on a product or service.

Not only that, you don’t have to pay thousands for each time you update your website. Blogging is easy like sending an email. And nowadays visitor are more interested to read blogs than website.RSS feeds is another good feature of Blogs.


Content is King, link building is Princes. But to compete in the modern media industry, you need knits. Otherwise your kingdom can’t survive for a long time. In the internet those knits are called SEO. SEO is more than just putting Meta tags and providing alt text for images. It is the art of coding for both human and search engine bots.

While doing SEO, target keywords of your competitor too. This can be done in an easy manner by doing some mentioning on your blog. I don’t recommend it on your official website.


Social websites and portals are playing a big rule on the internet media. When it comes to introducing a new brand, you can do some interesting stuff to make people curious about. This can be done in many ways. May be you can put some interesting ideas or discussions about your brand or websites, put some ads or like that.

One of other way to get socialized easily is by creating apps for those social websites. Like Facebook application, Orkut widgets or may be an iGoogle gadget.

Emailer still works!

Emailers are one of the ways to push your brand to users. But when it is about pushing your brand, you need to be aware of people getting irritated. So beware of sending spam. Send only one email per month. And it is better to send some coupon code of special offer. So that user won’t hate your emails. Also, never send mailer with attachments or any type of forms.

Personally I won’t recommend sending emails to person who have never been into your website. (Don’t buy email address from those bulk sellers. I hate them.) Then how you can get your visitor’s email address? You can have a box asking your visitors to put their email address or send this to friend functionality.

Website banners and affiliations

You can buy space on websites of those who are working in the similar or related industry websites. If you are a hosting provider, your ads will work if they are put on a web designer’s website or blogs. A person who is on a web designer’s website will definitely be thinking of a hosting provider.

Youtube is web TV

TV commercials play big time on advertising. Now when it comes online, Youtube and Metacafe are doing their duty nicely. So you can create your video commercials and publish them on these video channels.

SMS alert on updates

I adore Indian companies for this service. This too is same as sending mailer. So beware of spam. Useful SMS makes users the sense to go for the product or service.

There are many service providers who are giving this service free or cheap price. I am using Google SMS channel for this service. It is free, but for India only.

Discussion board and Blog comments

I know this is cheap method of promotion, but it works. You can start a discussion on any related forums about your service. But you will not be talking like an official person, but ask questions and replay with another username. If the discussion is being good turns, your site will get hits and of course the promotion is done.

When you see a blog talking about CRT monitors, and you are selling LCD monitors, you can just post a comment saying here is the info about LCD monitors. This will be useful for those who are looking to purchase a new monitor and you will get business.

Online campaigns are live – are you there?

No, I am not there yet !. I will be doing it soon. But seriously I need some time.


Remixed version of unstable human emotions and thirst of mankind actions. UX designer, UI developer and HE of WebCastle Media Pvt LTD

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