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Revolutionizing Web Development with AI: Tools and Techniques for Improved Productivity and Accuracy

AI is being used in programming to improve efficiency, accuracy and automation. It is being used in machine learning algorithms to make predictions and decisions, in natural language processing to understand and interpret human language, and to automate certain programming tasks such as code generation. AI tools like GitHub Copilot, Tabnine and Codiga.io can help developers write code more quickly and accurately, improve code structure and readability, fix bugs, automate testing, and create and customize website design. AI has the potential to greatly impact the future of programming and web development.


CSS curved corner on Google Code

It was on last year September, I wrote about making curved corner using CSS. That single post made my blog popular among web developer community and the sites linked to that post includes YUI...


CSS hover for all elements in IE

Most of the new generation browsers support CSS pseudo class :hover to any elements. That is a nice feature because you can give mouseover effect for any element using CSS. Example : tr:hover td...


Template fixed !

Finally , I got a nice simple template for this blog.  Hopefully,  I’ll be posting from tommorow 🙂 . I already have some nice tips to share you like ” Curved cornered div ”...