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A style of computing, in which dynamically scalable and virtualized resources are provided as a service


Moving Indian population to the clouds

Government of India is planning to develop a UID card and number system with population count which has to be held on 2012. Here is my idea of utilizing cloud computing technology to get the best out of it.


Top cloud computing solutions you must be aware of

Google’s announcement on Chrome Operating system and Upcoming browser Gazelle from Microsoft which is expected to release on coming monday are the hot topics today on the internet. You might have heard the word...


Cloud computing definition

The cloud computing industry represents a large ecosystem of many models, vendors, and market niches. Here I’m trying to explain a bit more about cloud computing. If you are new to cloud computing, you...


Cloud Computing – Overview

You might have seen me tweeting about cloud for last few days if you are following me. If you are not following me, it is time to follow 🙂 The idea of cloud computing...