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National Security System

National Security System

Plot: Government of India is planning to develop a UID card and number system with population count which has to be held on 2012. This will also collect left hand thumb impression or scanned picture of eye which will be printed on the card.

Unique Identification (UID) :

UID is a unique numbering system for each individual in India for identification purpose. The number will have 16 digits which may include alphanumerical. The UID card will have name, permanent address, blood group information printed besides the photograph of the individual. Government is planning to include either left hand thumb impression or scanned picture of eye in the UID card.  UID card will be accepted as official proof of information in all officials. After the complete implementation of the system, people who don’t own a UID will not be treated as an Indian citizen. So it is mandatory for all Indians to provide accurate information to the UID agency.

My idea of National Security System (NSS) :

I love my country and am willing to help India and it’s people for the best of it’s privacy, peace and wealthy living conditions. I came across the news report regarding UID and thus made a study on the system. Below is my idea of utilizing the UID as a national security system for individuals in India. The system works in a transparent way of collecting and delivering personal data but still keep the privacy. The data will be made available for public via a UID official website and verification can be processed by an open API free of cost.


This is a card which will have unique UID number, full name and address, DOB, blood group, left hand thumb impression of the person and a colored passport size photograph printed on it.

UID website :

The advantage of UID system is the UID website which runs on highly secured cloud computing based data centers. The website will have function for retrieving individual’s details by entering the UID.
The UID open api system will allow other websites to retrieve personal data through a secure api which have to be made mandatory for all registrations through Internet in India. This helps IT security by not giving people an option to register anonymously in social media or other websites like of email providers. This helps to avoid fake email threatening and such IT crimes.

National security measure :

As the UID open api extends IT security, UID also enables more security and helps Government. As UID includes the thumb impression of everyone in India, security agency can upload thumb impressions collected from any issued (break in or such ) area and match it with whole UID system to find the person. Also, we have security cameras around the country already. Most of them are useless as even we got their picture we can not trace them by using the footage recorded in those cameras. UID system enables face detection system, where agency can upload stills of the victim and it detects the person and search in the UID database. All these measures a secure India.

Extended UID :

Once the UID system is completely established all around the country, the possibilities of using the UID system is highly extensive.

UID profile :

Individuals can log in to UID website and modify their latest address and such details by entering their UID and secure secret code.

UID based registrations :

No need of filling the whole details every time signup for a service. Just enter the UID, the system will collect your data.

UID based postal services :

No need to enter the complete address o the envelops just enter UID and extended address code. The postal system will collect current address of the person and send it to the correct address.


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7 Responses

  1. Ashok Moda says:

    Respected UID Board members & Mr. Nilekeni

    In my view, a UID card one must carry FREELY at all times with him, so the best is to give a visible embossing prints like on Credit card, details only his UID No., Contact No.(other than his own) may be spouse or may be introducer, his photo and his signature. His name, address, and other information is not required on the card as India is a multi religion nation and these information on the card may lead to misutilisation, you understand like during riots etc. some people would not like to disclose their identity or at some other time a third party may misutilise the other informations. Besides this is issued in the interest of national security and of course all other informations could be easily obtain at any time from the central repository. This is like you have recorded each and every citizen or individual. Next if you can add the recording of all financial transactions, say above rupees one thousand, made by each individual, be his personal expense or a salary or a business transaction, I feel both the records of people and financial fraud / transaction can easily be under check and well controlled.

    Please pressurise the authority to make it must carry card, mandatory and only for the Indian citizen and for foreigners, they always carry their passport, anyway. So no need to be confused.

    Regarding UID no. it can be the first character of his given name, first character of his last name, three characters of his state of birth, eight characters of his date of birth i.e. DD MM YYYY and finally the 001, three digits serial numbers. All these 16 digits, you mast must have noticed quite easily remember-able, even by a most illitrate ones as he only has to remember the last three digits. Chances of duplication is again reduced by names, state, DOB and serial no.

    Well sir, you must have designed in a better way, but please let me request you once again not to disclose MY ID and allow me to carry my card at all time or attach it to my financial transactions so that I have no choice but to carry it always with me.

    Thanking you


    Ashok Moda


  2. Lathan says:

    Keep functioning ,fantastic job!

  3. Martin Groome says:

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    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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