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Dont be shy in front of Search engines. Know how to stand stern and show off your muscles.


Google sitelink algorithm

I wasn’t really thinking about posting something today till I saw Google site links appeared for my blog. Remember the post I did earlier this year about how to get google site links ?...


Matt Cutts answering my SEO questions

Google’s Matt Cutts answering my questions on Webmaster central grand bag question series. He talk about Digg Bar and Coming soon page.


WordPress permalink plugins to make SEO hierarchy URLs

Few days before, I made a big change on this website, which few of you might already have noticed. If you are for the first time on this website and you are coming via...


Microformats – Class names and future SEO

Update: Google announced rich snippets in SERPs which will use Microformats and RDFa markup data. Microformats will set a new SEO trend for local search as geo targeting will be more and more important....


Microformats and seo

It is really boring to work online after a nice vacation. A lot of feeds to read or skip. Any way it was bitter to live without fast Internet in these days.  My blog...


Keywords in url matters SEO

A bit old topic. But still there is a talk on it among webmasters. Google’s SEO, Matt Cutts agrees that keywords in URL will help you in SEO. But still some famous blogs are...


Google sitelinks – How to get for your website

It is a big question. And the answer is simple. You can’t ask Google to set site links for you in SERPs. It is determined by the so called Google algorithms . Any way...


Anchor text is still important ?

Last month, there was a big talk between webmasters and SEO experts regarding anchor text. The discussion was started by Patrick Altoft on Blogstorm. But Nick Stamoulis criticized it big time on within...