Keywords in url matters SEO

A bit old topic. But still there is a talk on it among webmasters. Google’s SEO, Matt Cutts agrees that keywords in URL will help you in SEO. But still some famous blogs are using numbers in URL. 

But when I tried a search with “how to get google sitelinks” is Goog, The first result was a blog post by Jonathan Hochman on which the URL contains only sitelinks as keyword. But another post by DavidLee have the entire words in URL, got SERP ranking of seven in the same search. So, here some other facts overcome the priority of the URL.  May be the title text matters. But both are having the same titles. What I fount here as the plus point for  post by Jonathan Hochman is, the domain authority. Here domain authority wins over URL.

Another search for “Nantucket” returned a result of nice number of pages with keyword in URL. But sites like finds its position in top ten result.

My conclusion:

The keywords in URL is one fact among thousands of other points. So, keeping targetted keyword in URL will help you for SEO.


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  1. The more i hear about this, the more fascinated i get i have been surfing the web for mumbai related material but haven’t been very successful up until this point, this page provided me with content i can actually gain knowledge from! i’m currently doing a project on Mumbai at uni & i’ve been running into article after article of similar information. i can’t understand why they do it! if you feel strongly enough to create a website on a subject especially one as important as this, why couldn’t they come up with their own opinions? i commend you for taking that extra step in your “Keywords in url matters SEO | HTML Remix” page.
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  2. SEO Services India says:

    keywords in URL plays a very important part in the ranking of the particular site and the URL should be made with due importance

  3. sunil says:

    I agree with you Remiz. Keywords in the url has some importance.

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