Google Nexus One in India

Google took their step forward again on the Mobile market. This time not just an OS, but a new smart phone called Nexus One. Nexus one is made by HTC and available in US on T-Mobile. Google official blog says “Nexus One is not the first phone released having pre-installed Android, but this is the first Smartphone marketed by Google.”

Nexus One in US and Europe

Nexus One in US is launched without multi touch function due to legal issue with Apple iPhone. Any ways, hackers already got success in rooting in to the phone.  Another news is that Vodafone is about to launch Nexus One in Europe with multi touch. So US users also will be able to enjoy multi touch by something like Jailbreak.

Nexus One in India

If you are a US resident, you can but official Nexus One from Google store. In India, I found only one Nexus One for sale on eBay.

Best features I am looking forward to buy Nexus One are

  1. 3G
  2. GPS with turn by turn compass
  3. 5 MP camera
  4. Noise-reduction feature that cancels out background noise during phone calls (iPhone sucks in traffic due to poor sound)
  5. First Smartphone designed compete iPhone design 🙂


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    11 Responses

    1. neerajvohra says:

      I really don’t think that nexus one will come to India as google has no plans to launch any other phone like nexus..people who might be waiting for this phone in India should get it from other sources..there will not be any other models or Nexus 2 versions etc for this phone.

      PS: Google launched this phone to get the market overview for there Andriod software. They team working on the OS wants to get the OS to the market. Now, they have clearly mentioned that they doesn’t have any further plans for the phones.

      Official words : Yes, we done it with phone. Now stop it and start focus on Andriod !!

      Please stop faking this news all over the forums/blogs as people will led to misleading and they keep waiting for this awesome device.

      Offcourse, Nexus one will be the first and last model of Google but it will be the first model that will get upgrade to future versions of Andriod’s as compared to HTC, Samsung and other Manufactures !

    2. Sean says:

      I want a unlocked Nexus One with a US pay receipt costing around $200-$400. Can anyone get me a Nexus One from the US?

    3. Pere Palacio says:

      Mr. Abdulmalek Ahmad Jaber [] and your business
      is a scam and thieves.
      Take care and do not buy anything.

      I repeat, is a real scam.

      Pity you can not get my money, but to serve as a warning to other Internet users.

      Mr. Abdulmalek Ahmad Jaber [] and your business
      It is a scam and thieves.

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    4. SEO Guide says:

      Hey I discovered your site by accident on bing while looking for something totally different but I am very pleased that I did, You have just added yourself another subscriber. 🙂

    5. kishore says:


      Dont buy from this guy Mr Abdulmalek Ahmad Jaber. His information looks very dangerous and like a fraud. I saw some postings in EBAY.CO.IN. Go and buy from there. Your transaction would be secured by ebay protection or buy from someone meeting personally.

    6. Ravi says:

      Hey Dear There,
      If You Want To buy Google nexus one mobile contact me.
      i am selling mine which i got from USA with original bill from google and all accesries. Price 30k And If you can come to faridabad to get it than contact or 9818582072

    7. rishabh pruthi says:

      I am in delhi and want to buy nexus one. could u jus tell me how much i’ll get it for and if it is available from gaffar market.or do mail me on


    8. Mr Abdulmalek Ahmad Jaber says:

      HTC Google Nexus One Unlocked Cost $275usd

      Availability: Ships in 2 – 3 Business Days

      Condition: Brand New

      Warranty: 2YRS WARRANTY .

      GSM Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
      3G Bands: HSPA 900/1700/2100
      Phone Status: Unlocked
      Service Plan: Not Included
      Contract: Not Required

      Warranty: All sales are final. We warrant that your new purchased item is free from defects. Please, check and notify us within 4 Days of reciept, if you find any malfunction. After receiving your unit and verifying the problem, we will exchange for the same item.

      Buy 2 units and get 1 unit FREE.
      Buy 5 units and get 2 unit FREE including shipping.

      Contact us as below :

      Mr Abdulmalek Ahmad Jaber
      Yahoo chat
      Msn Chat Id

    9. Ravi says:

      Hey Dear There,
      If You Want To buy Google nexus one mobile contact me.
      i am selling mine which i got from USA with original bill from google and all accesries. Price 35k And If you can come to faridabad to get it than contact or 9818582072

    10. Guy Mcgrapth says:

      The Nexus One is a awsoume phone in regards to my opinion it wont be succesfull though.Why would people buy this when the can get an iPhone 3g for 100 bucks?Its all about brand recognition .

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