Geek 3.o

While digging on the cloud yesterday, I got into a Checklist for a Geek to do before he dies. The article was quit interesting with list of stuff everyone would like to do. After checking a couple of things, I just scrolled down and saw the Geek 1.0 and 2.0 validation chart (lol 🙂 )

Geek 1.o and 2.o

Geek 1.o and 2.o

But when I checked it, most of them are out dated and so what? I decided to do a Geek 3.0. This is what I did.

geek 3.0

geek 3.0

Small explanation

You can not avoid Google now a days. So Geek has got Google’s G. There was a time long facial hair and untidy cloths where symbol of Geek, now all are trendy clean shaved with straightened hair. No more pen and paper. Do not carry a laptop or at least a flash drive. Take out your iPhone, rub it to all directions. Ask others to check your blog for solutions. Tweet something when you are free.


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2 Responses

  1. raneez says:

    You have design more on “G” to showcase goOgle addiction and add Facebook too and then simply it will be a valid Geek 3.0 like you 😉

  1. June 3, 2009

    […] time, when I posted Geek 3.0 validation image, it said, fall in love with a cat if you are an SEO. Because present king of SEO, Mr. Matt […]

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