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Getting free SMS alert for email – Method 2

This is a follow up post to my earlier post, Getting free email to SMS alert using twitter. Some people complained that it doesn’t work. So here is another fresh method. Things you will...


Getting free SMS alert for email

If you are traveling to your home village where you have no way to connect to internet or in a travel or at least you don’t have time to check email each hour to see if there is some new email, you can try this. Get Free SMS alert whenever you are receiving an email.


Geek 3.o

While digging on the cloud yesterday, I got into a Checklist for a Geek to do before he dies. The article was quit interesting with list of stuff everyone would like to do. After...


Follow on Twitter?

Few months ago, I started to tweet and then I see a boom in growth of twitter. And it reached on competing with Google on real time searching. Now a days, I used to...


Google fav icon

In last June, Google changed their favicon. Google also started to improve favicon by collecting ideas from users around the globe ( Google is no more accepting new icons from now ).  I was shocked...


I love you Firefox

Dear Firefox, You know how I hate to write this, but its time to try some thing new. I don’t know where to begin although I suspect you can already guess what I am...


Twitter.com is down

After making the previouse post, I was just gonna twitter. I dont know who made this 😛 Twitter.com is down for maitanance . What happened to WWW ? two sites are down !! Or...


I’ve started Twitter !

Yes, my updates are now on twitter . I’m not sure that I can update my status on it every time. But I will try my best to do . Because I like it...