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Yes, I am freelancer now. I resigned from my happily employed one year life at Flip. Now I am enjoying life more than any time before.

I am not available for freelance projects as of now. But you can always get my service through my company, WebCastle Technologies. We work on project basic as well as hire a staff method .

Some questions you should be asking me before giving me projects.

Who are you ? (my excerpt!)

I am expertise in XHTML development with CSS. ( I love to say that I hate tables ). jQuery is my favorite JavaScript library. When it comes to server languages, WordPress made me addicted to Php and MySQL. It takes me less 8 hours to develop a WordPress blog from PSD when I am in mod.

Why to hire you? (My track record)

More than answering this question, would you mind checking these links

Any thing else? (My Bonus for you)

Apart from all these development services I am providing, I am providing Online promotion programs like SEO, SEM etc. So think before hiring just another web developer 🙂 .

Yea, I am impressed. Now what ? (You are going to do a better thing)

Not a lot to do. Just fill the form below. I know you hate it, me too hate it some times. If you hate always, drop an email to me on “mail at htmlremix.com” or Call +91 9895 394 817

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