Getting free SMS alert for email – Method 2

This is a follow up post to my earlier post, Getting free email to SMS alert using twitter. Some people complained that it doesn’t work. So here is another fresh method.

Things you will need

  1. A GMail account
  2. A Account (Don’t worry, we will create one. Its free!)
  3. A Account (Good things are always free)
  4. A Twitter Account.
  5. Wooh a mofile!


  1. Set your mail forward to Gmail Account (Skip this step if you are already using a GMail account)
  2. Go to and create a feed for your emails.
    Fill in the following details:
    Feed URL :
    User : Your Gmail username (Without )
    Password : You know what it is, and I know what your’s is!
    Now, you will get a new URL like (Never share this URL. Any one can access your email without a password using this URL)
  3. Go to
    Create new account using email and password or open ID. Add the newly created Feed URL in next step.
    In advanced settings, make Check for new posts: Every 30 minutes and post up to 5 posts at a time (This is actually a restriction. I hate it)
  4. Now in next step, you need to authorize the newly created twitter account to update tweets when email is received. Click here for information about this. Make sure to never let anyone follow this user and updates are made private
  5. Now, follow this user with your main twitter account and enable device update.

Warning : This is again a potentially dangerous method which can cause your emails to appear public. Use at your own risk


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