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The idea of cloud computing was born in my mind from last week when I came across Openlaszlo, an Adobe Flex like developer application. While checking the samples, I turned to Ghost, a virtual operating system where you can do almost everything that you do on a Netbook.

Cloud computing -Simple

Cloud computing -Simple

What is Cloud computing?

Simply, cloud computing is "everything online". A style of computing, in which dynamically scalable and virtualized resources are provided as a service. I think it is better to put some examples than trying to find a definition. Google apps is a type of cloud computing. That is, they are providing some critical solutions which an organization requires. Email, Messenger communication, Documents, Spreadsheets and sites are freely available services from Google. In past (at present also) companies were using dedicated server for providing email and internal communications between employers. But using cloud computing (Google apps for email) the company can provide email with lowest cost possible.

In another way, everything is a service from a BIG service provider. Like hardware is provided as a service, software is provided as service. No or less technical knowledge is required as end user is not directly handling any hardware.

Google Cloud apps

Google Cloud apps

Why cloud computing?

There is thousands of reason why you should think cloud. Here I am listing few of them.

Initial cost – Companies spend millions to set up server and buy software for kick starting their business. But if you are selecting cloud computing, you don’t have to buy a separate server and all to run. Your data are safe in Datacenters of your service provider.

More accessible – Most of app service providers allow access to your data from different devices like mobile phones and other handheld gadgets. Booming of Netbooks is another noticeable point here.

Not dependent on your machine – As everything is running online, there is no need of gigabytes of hard disc space and processor speed. You can even run all your applications on a Netbook.

Ability to scale to meet quickly changing user demands – You don’t have to buy new hardware or such stuff to scale your data storage as the company grows. You just need to upgrade your service.

cost (again) – There is no fixed rental or cost. Most of the service provider charge as per usage only. So if a month, you are doing less business, your running cost also will be low.

Security – Doesn’t matter even your entire office victim a sever attack or got in to natural calamities. Your data are safe on Datacenters in various part of the earth.

Cloud computing devices

Cloud computing devices

Why not today?

Dependent on internet connection – Internet connectivity is not completely reliable in anywhere as for now. But broadband booming and new 3G cellular network will surely be fuel. However, online app developers are aware that users can’t be online all the time, which is why some of them have developed ways to make their programs usable even offline (such as GoogleGears ).

The service terms and conditions – Many of Big companies are not thinking big to change to Cloud computing because of thoughtful TOC which service providers are taking across. Most of them do not provide a backup guarantee and they can terminate your account whenever they see unfit.

Security – It is a fact that Cloud computing is growing fast. Even Big Media companies like MTV have already adapted cloud as their business solution. But corporate giants are still afraid of their secret data and security. As you don’t know where your data really is, it opens a big security concern of losing them all at a time.

Cloud computing in India

Coming soon - Cloud war

Coming soon - Cloud war

This is the best part I am looking forward. BSNL’s broadband booming since last few years will definitely help India to grow. Even though 3G networks are still now available, soon Vodafone and Bharathi Airtel are expected to start their service. India as a technical hub for almost all big IT companies, cloud will make another boom in India within years.

More on cloud is yet to come. Subscribe to RSS feed or follow me on twitter to get latest info as is happen. Do you think I missed some point? I’m sorry, I am just a student on Cloud. Share it via comment.


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