The golden year! almost gone…

A day we live in our life is a day we dies. Every day in out life is special even if we are doing the same. And this year is almost leaving us all. This week is the time for recollecting events happened this year. For me, there are a bunchy of things to remember. Say, a golden year in my life. The fastest year… and a lot of things to write down for ever.

Golden year 2009

Golden year 2009

At end of last year, I made a list of nine new years resolutions to keep in 2009. I am so glad that I kept many of them complete. They are..

1. Live real, more than living online a virtual life. – I digged a lot in cloud computing, specially for Indian national security. Many assignments on virtual computing.. Ohh wait. My resolution was against it. To live and love more offline. My a IT profession will always have restriction on it.

2. Talk less online, make more live offline chat – I reduces Orkuting down to 20%. But Gtalk was not less that much. But I tried to keep it minimum. But social media booming seriously influenced me a lot. Twitter, LinkedIn and iPhone pushed me to stick online. Still, I got success in making online friends offline too. Another venture I planned to start is Visionremix, a video channel on Youtube to talk more online.

3. Sleep well at night – I wish I could. But now a days duration of night is very less compared to day time 🙂

4. Go ahead with micro specialization – I did micro specialization in many topics. But as I am now at my web design and development company I am involved in all activities from client communication to bug fixing.

5. Keep growing – You will grow even if you stand still. The better things you do in life turns you the right path. My startup web design company at Cochin is getting better and i2Brand, the blog for learning and teaching how to use Internet to brand.

6. Concentrate on quality than quantity – Earlier this year, I blogged one post per week. Now, it is one post per month. That is why I always wanted to provide the best content to my readers. And to keep my other blogs live, I had to cut down my time of spending on each blog. Now at WebCastle, our clients are not leaving us just because of our quality of service. So I will keep the same for coming years too.

7. Increase acceleration with more care – I believe that my productivity ratio increased very high compared to last year. All the above factors helped me a lot to achieve this stage. But few times, I realizes careless action taken by me lead to loss. Even few days ago, at MG Road Cochin 🙁

8. Do whatever I think to at first time – Over i2Brand blog, I posted about how to sell yourself online. You should be hot and fast. So say everything at first, do every thing than others think to. The world will follow you.

9. Eat less chocolates – Shhh.. I am not eating chocolates 😉 Do you ?


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  1. sundeep says:

    I liked everything about the post. But why do you hate chocolates?

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