This will Change

This is going to change the way I used to write blog. Now I use swift key to write this post. I been think of writing for my nearly dead blog. But the new iOS custom keyboard have it a second life. I almost feel like the new discovery by biologist about life after death has happened for this blog as well.

There been a lot of things happened in past years that passed away. In both personal and professional ( or entrepreneurs rather) life.

Life and death

Personal life – life is beautiful when you live it.

For instance, this cocaoroach was enjoying it’s fly when I started this writing at late night after long day at office. It flyover the whole room without getting disturbed by anyone. But all of a sudden it floed thru the fan and it’s leaf got cramped by the ffan. My point is that when you have the right things to use, make use of it. Eat like a king and live like a thief. That’s been the best motto I been following for the good part in my life. And looking backward, it makes me proud that it enabled me to do the best way of everything that I have been to. When anything comes to compat you, do what your mind tells you to at first. Because that’s what little kids do and trust me that they are the happiest creature that God has ever made. We all been it once. Then the so called Education and social culture crap made us made dickheads. OK I get it what you are thinking now. Am I going the wrong nasty way of communication? No way. I’m just exploiting the cultural crap you been digged in to. So let’s get out of the shoes of who you are and get on the speed of debunks (I know some of them move very slow) or vampire. We live in a world where people watches you in every angle and there is always people who can see the good in you and the bad on you. So it’s up to you to decide to whom you want to listen to.

Business – work life balance is the success of business.

Yes you read it right. I worked a lot ans then again a lot more. But the moment I realised that the business is not always about doing more, it’s about taking the big pi, I changed the way I used to work. I changed my priorities from work to life and balanced in a way that doesn’t hurt dedication to work, but more focused on enjoying the moments personally and socially whatever the outcome of the exciting work you been doing. This made the relationships in my life more valuable asset while keeping the focus in business and helping people get things done.

People do matter.

Remember Steve Jobs’s iPhone? Now look at Tim Cook’s one.

I’ve heard great people slept 4 hours a day and changed the world. But I would argue that if they worked so hard to change the world, it’s because they aren’t smart or amazing. People don’t have to take so much of suffering to make the move. It’s all about the glory of being the most important part of you who you are. It’s not what it took you to achieve the outcome, but how fast you did that matters. So get the speed of debunks and vampires. That’s how you can balance the work and life. And the best way to achieve is – follow your heart the way little kids do.


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