Bring back PPTP VPN on iOS 10 and macOs sierra

So here we are with an awesome release of iOS 10 and macOs sierralots of new features and more intimate Siri lands on Mac. But if you are one of those who uses less secure password because even if someone opens your account, you don’t care – but hates when the system asks you to enter a strong password ( ahh that alpha numeric with at least one capital letter and a symbol and a number ) – man, I just hate it. Most of the time I use disposable email id like while trying out new stuff. And to connect my computer at office from home via a PPTP VPN ( I don’t store anything valuable on my computer as it’s always on cloud or at our servers ). Another scenario I use PPTP on my iPhone is to connect to the office CCTV when I’m not in office.

PPTP VPN on iOS 10 and macOs Sierra

So, with new iOS 10 and macOs Sierra, Apple removed PPTP client due to security reasons. So here are the alternatives.

For macOs, there is already an app available called ShimoVPN. It supports multiple VPN protocols including OpenVPN and PPTP.

For iOS hoever I wasn’t able to find a solution yet other than using another protocol, but luckily I have my OnePlus X ( the only sexy Android phone in the market ) so I can still connect to CCTV.

Let me know if you have a better solution to bring back PPTP VPN on iOS 10 and macOs Sierra.


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