2013 – the fastest year ever !

Today, when I logged in to my pc & open Chrome, I saw this nice Google Doodle for New Year’s Eve. Wait… what the !!!. An year has ran away from our life and we never know what happened in the last 365 days. This could be the first year ever since 2006 that I didn’t post a blog article at all ( read it twice 🙂 )


So today, lets see what happened in 2013 to me.

 Life become more personal than ever before. Being married to love of my life, we were blessed with a baby girl this year. We named her Ruba Fatima, after the name of daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S). Trust me that being a Daddy is the coolest thing I have ever been since my birth.

When there is a birth, there is a death as well. Two persons influenced many lives has passed away this year. Steve Jobs of Apple and Nelson Mandela. They had left space in the earth by leaving us behind. You can see the Gap of Steve at Apple while you look at Lumia like iPhone 5Cs and crappy sized iPhone 5s with a hell of finger print scanner. Tomorrow, there could be an SMS printer next to iPhone 6s ( this s stands for Suresh Gopi’s Dialog part ). And yes Mandela, you saved millions of lives and deserves a better place to live and watch us. Specially those fake Peace warriors as Malala ( call me Taliban 😛 ).

Technology has been boomeranging this year. I have been in some research projects during this period, which includes IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence, Lots of Who care updates on Google and Android. But What I like in general is the comeback of Microsoft to crowd love with Windows 8. This is the hit Microsoft been waiting since they invented mouse ( really? ).

Personally, I moved my focus on to enterprise web applications & moocs at WebCastle. Yo! I almost forgot to mention that we moved WebCastle and AppZoc to a new combined building with 4 times larger space in Cochin. Our new office was inaugurated by Hon Ernakulam district collector, P.I Sheik Pareeth. While adding new members, now we have strong force in the UI Design, Programmers who write reliable and optimized code to achieve the best results which makes us proud. We are still hiring.

 Apart from IT, I been doing research on Islam, its new propaganda about Jinn etc, In healthcare, I been on to Cancer studies, specially in Leukemia. Despite being in fight with Indian Government & Other generic medicine companies, Novartis is providing Imatinib Tablets through GIPAP program in association with Max Foundation.

2014’s New year resolution is “To eat like a King and Sleep like a Thief”


Remixed version of unstable human emotions and thirst of mankind actions. UX designer, UI developer and HE of WebCastle Media Pvt LTD

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