Matt Cutts answering my SEO questions

Update : Matt Cutts published one more video answering my question “I keep a ‘blogroll’ page with link to all my friends’ blogs on my blog. Will that affect my blog’s reputation in Google? Recently my friend lost PR5 to 0 for such a page”.

Last two weeks were so fast and I did absolutely nothing productive. But I really enjoyed these days with my new friend and had a trip to Elephanta caves. You can see some photos on my Flickr. Few days ago, my server went down due to high process usage. So I increased wp-cache as per Shuja‘s advice. But for last three days, I was playing with my iPhone, which got new OS3. I made live tweet on steps of installing and jail breaking iPhone OS3. OS3 is great with it’s speed and spotlight search. But I am not a big fan of copy paste. I would say, Don’t copy, Remix it! :).

Here I am with two videos by Google‘s Matt Cutts. He recently answered my two questions over webmaster video grand bag question series.

My first question was "Will DiggBar create duplicate content issues? For example: my site is and now when you add before my site’s address (, it is showing a page from with my content (exactly the same)"

My second question was " Is it good to put a ‘coming soon’ page for new domains? Google seems to prioritize new domains in SERPs. Will a ‘coming soon’ page stand as negative for it? "

I know most of you already seen those videos. I thank for those who vote for the question to promote. I am writing another post on microformats at the same time. I was supposed to post it today. But busy days didn’t allowed me to finish it. I will publish it next week. So don’t forget to follow me on twitter and subscribe to RSS feed. Reminding you that Google’s rich snippets in SERP is using data in microformats.


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