30 days of invisible life.

For last 30 days, I was in "Out of net" mission. That is, 30 days without any public online activities. No send or publish buttons, no chats no tweets etc. This gave me more time to spend on my tasks at WebCastle and to read a lot of blogs and articles.

30 days of invisible life

30 days of invisible life

While working on a WordPress customization projects, I came across requirement of text2iamage integration. I got few plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. But they were not up to my requirements. So, I modified TTFText wp plugin. I am yet to upload it on my projects. Then will submit to wordpress team.

Another interesting thing happened is, the so called Google Wave. I got invitation too. There are thousands of review and articles on wave. So I’m not writing on it. Wave a hi to rahnas@googlewave.com

Thanks for everyone who send me messages asking where I was these days. Glad to see you guys caring me. Anyway, I really enjoyed these 30 days of invisible life. If you are having interesting 30 days missions like MattCutts, write them to me. And of cource, I am back on twitter too. Follow me for more updates.


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  1. Veera says:

    Its good to go offline for sometime. I once tried not to use internet for around 30 days. That month, I got to read lot of books and that gave me the opportunity to refresh myself.

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