Template fixed !

Finally , I got a nice simple template for this blog.  Hopefully,  I’ll be posting from tommorow 🙂 . I already have some nice tips to share you like ” Curved cornered div ” without javascript or those image pieces to hold on the corners. I am working on it to make it work 100% cross browser compalitable .

I have one more CSS tip which I used recently for a client project. It is the simplest footerstick trick that I ever seen !

I will be posting these things soon as I want to kickstart blog with nice content and usefull tips to make the WWW live ! .. hm am I overjoying ? 😛


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  1. Alius says:


    You know, not everything is fixed. Take a look at pagination div, he is covered by the footer, I think you need to set more padding-bottom.

    .leftcontent (line 46)
    width: 535px;
    float: left;
    margin-right: 15px;

    Just add padding-bottom: 15px;

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