A look back to 2010

I have seen a lot of people writing predictions for next year and hell a lot of new year resolutions since the beginning of last month and some weired predictions for 2009 🙂 .  I haven’t written any predictions or new years resolutions for 2010. So there is no point in talking about their results. But the year was quite of a lot of happenings on me and around.  A lot of achievements, and yea life is a game of devil and God. So some major loses too.

A Book

About an year ago on January of 2010, my first book The Dark Side of Love was published and when I checked last time about it’s sales status, it hit 3000+ sales overall the world (Book preview is on Google Books). I know that the number is very very small when compared to millions of books published per year. But for a beginner who had no idea of publishing a book at this point is great achievement. And I believe that is the greatest achievement I had on 2010. I thank every single person who spend time on reading them. You are my inspiration on writing next book Alvida – Fake story of a real love. Also, I thank TP for signing for publishing my Malayalam story Yatha – Jeevithangaliloode ( Journey – Through lives ). This story is about a 17 years old girl’s life and I promise to take at-least some of you to your child-hood days.

Alvida is about a Man searching for his lost friend and ends up in finding her dead years ago. But at the change everything changes and proves that no one can tear apart a loving heart. I request all your support and healthy crossing over both the books and I really am thrilled to get both of them released by end of this year at-least. But I have to run very fast for the same.

An iPhone App

Making an iPhone App was my dreams since I got my first iPhone. I had chance to make a promotional app for my book and the app is available free on AppStore. I don’t have too much control over the app, but it is nice to have an App with my name on store.

At WebCastle Media Pvt LTD, where I am spending most of my time these days, we started iPhone App development team and we are developing our first App for our very own Yellow Pages website. We will be starting a full fledged development for our Clients very soon this year.

Blog updates

Having a blog is easy. It cost you few bucks to buy a good domain and you can even start with shared hosting until you get a large traffic. But maintaining a blog with a good traffic is very tough. If you want to keep visitors coming on to you, you have to make new posts every-time. When it is not your full time job, it is hard. I believe blogging is a full time job. It doesn’t mean that you have to write blogs every-time, but you should be thinking like a blogger when ever you see things around you. Because that might be the source for your next post. Another hard part is to keep your blog running. I am on a sponsored VPS server, paying for a good hosting is hard when your dont have enough of incomes from ads.

I want to make the information to be accessible from everywhere. So you can ask your regular readers to subscribe to feeds than visiting your blog. Also, a kindle version is good to have better readership. I am also selling ads space on this blog. So that I can get a small income for my efforts. Also, it makes you write more to get more visits. If you are interested in placing your ads on this blog, contact me.

In the Press

It was nice to be mentioned in TechCrunch Disrupt for a project I worked for. Its really a honor to be a part of it and one day, I wish I could talk there 🙂 ( ZzzzZZZz*dreaming )


2010 is the greatest year when I talk about MyDreamer project. I got patented this and I am planning to present this to investors for funding of the same. This year, I will be having to present this idea to more people and kick start the progress in the project. I really appreciate your suggestions and thoughts to be shared about the project here.

For those who dont know about this project, MyDreamer is a device to let you control what to dream tonight while you sleep. Read more about it here


While winning over all the stages I play my game, I lost many things very precious in my personal life. A friend of mine, whom I trusted like my soul left me. But it happens every time with me and I am used to it now a days. I was even well prepared for that tragic day. Still it was a bad loss I had in 2010.


We passed a milestone at WebCastle Technologies, my co-founded company. We are now WebCastle Media Pvt LTD. We are servicing around a hundreds of clients over the world including US, UK, AU and SA. Though iPhone App development is started this year, major discussion and planing were done in 2010.


2010 was an year of social media addiction. I burned a lot of energy by tweeting and linking them to my facebook and linked in. I feel sorry for using those servers unwanted and adding my share on emitting carbon die oxide which causes global warming. So I quite from all social media site activities yesterday. But profiles are still active on many of such sites. And some sites might show some updates because they are connected with my Google account and this blog. So when I update something, there might be some automated tweets, but personally, I wont be updating any status manually anymore this year.

The thought of saving earth flashed by an idea of saving trees, which is nearly possible by stop printing. NoPrint is to make people aware of how printing cause trouble to our lives and how we can solve this by reducing printing.
You can participate this by just adding following code in your website. This will block users from printing any content from your site.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://noprint.org/public/noprint.jquery.js”></script>

If you are not using jQuery on your site, you will need to this code.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://noprint.org/public/noprint.js”></script>

That’s about being nice to society you live. Take part in saving earth.


Thanks to everyone for spending time reading this so long post. Share your thoughts about my 2010 as comments. Thanks for being nice last year and I expect all your support on 2011 as well. Wish you all the very best.


Remixed version of unstable human emotions and thirst of mankind actions. UX designer, UI developer and HE of WebCastle Media Pvt LTD

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3 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Hi Remiz,

    Nice post. I might consider dropping that code in to all the sites I build from now on. Save a tree, save a planet, and whatnot.

    On another note, I was wondering if you could explain how to use the code you posted here.

    You had posted [code] $(“.post-content a img”).parent(“a”).addClass(“thickbox”); [/code] as a way to automatically add the thickbox class to any image with an a tag around it. I have this in my head section:

    $(“section#copy a img”).parent(“a”).addClass(“thickbox”);

    But it’s not working. Any ideas?

    • Remiz says:

      Are you doing this for HTML5 site? Why are you using section#copy ? Try using

      $(“#copy a img”).parent(“a”).addClass(“thickbox”); Because ID cant be repeated on page anyways.

      Also, make sure jQuery is loaded before this line of code (if you miss it 🙂 )

  2. sham says:

    Best of luck for all youir projects buddy.. when i started reading this article.. i hopped that u may mention ma name in this article.. but it is not happend 😛

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