Schedule Call and SMS on iPhone

Ever wished if you could message your dear onces on 12.00 midnight on their birthday? But really don’t remember to text that time or fallen asleep?. Here is the solution. Now you can schedule SMS on your iPhone. You can even make calls and miss calls while you are sleeping or just hanging out with friends. You can still make your loved once thinking that you remember them 🙂

Scheduling SMS

You will need an iPhone with Jailbreak. Go to Cydia and install iScheduler. It is a paid App, but you know how to get a cracked iScheduler from Google or adding a repo which provides cracked apps. I recommend to buy a legal version.

You will need to reboot after installing iScheduler to make it work better. Then open the app, there is SMS tab, add new sms. You will need to select to whom to send. Think of using this on a New year night to send everyone a message at 00:00 !

That’s it!

Scheduling Call on iPhone (Auto dial to a number)

Other than scheduling sms, there a lot of features in this app. Like scheduling on / off iPhone, toggle wifi, phone mode and most of the sbsettings toggles. But to schedule call, I am using run application feature.

For this, you need to have CallMe which lets you to make app icons to dial to your selected contact. Or else, you can follow this method of WebClip hack. If you just want to make miss calls, not real calls then use “Call and HangUp” App from Cydia.

Now, schedule iScheduler to run this app on the time when you want to have call placed.

Let me know your method how you do schedule SMS and calls.


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  1. high dividend stocks says:

    Sounds good and I must say this app has awesome functionality..

  2. john says:

    you can also Schedule SMS on iPhone with txtot witch is a free iphone app

  1. January 16, 2011

    […] the rest here: Schedule SMS and Call on iPhone | HTML Remix This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Achieve Personal […]

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