MyDreamer – A device to decide what to dream

Note: MyDreamer is now registered as an Invention, not just a concept. International patent is pending and is registered and verified by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPT). For more legal information, please contact here with subject “myDreamerLeg”

myDreamer prototype

myDreamer prototype

Why MyDreamer ?

An average human sleeps 1/3rd of his life time. That is 20 years of sleep in a 60 year of life is wasting by absolutely doing nothing. What if we can use this time very productive than we could have done while we are awake? What if there is a way we could do something that would help us to be beneficial for the other times?

This has been in my mind and dream since I got too much busy with my office work and was getting lesser and lesser time for new learning. So I started to sit late night and wake up early in morning to cop-up my time to read blogs and see videos at TED&YouTube. This gradually lead me to some kind of problems for skipping sleep. So skipping sleep is not a permanent solution to have more time.

This lead me to think about something that would change how people spend their nights. People will not be wasting anymore the 20 years of their life by doing nothing while sleeping. Here comes the MyDreamer device to utilize your sleeping time for learning new things, listening to music while asleep and even watch videos and read ebooks.

How MyDreamer works ?

MyDreamer works with the very basic usage flow. Connect the device to your computer. Chose an audio playlist, a video or a pdf ebook which you want to dream tonight. Connect the device on your head after setting the timer on. You are done. You can listen to the music, watch the video or read the book while you are sleeping. The device evokes your dreaming areas of brain and pushes the visuals and audio you have selected to your dream. It automatically turns off as you set the time. Also, you can decide when to wake up by setting up an alarm clock on the device. Unlike the traditional alarm we have, this alarms wont make loud sound and disturb others. It just send a wave to your brain which leads to your awakening.

What is MyDreamer ?

MyDreamer is a modern device designed to let you decide what you want to dream tonight. It is a simple cloth like device fits well on your head without any distraction while you sleep. You can select any movie-video, audio or even pdf books to see them as your dream while you sleep. You can update these data by connecting the device on a computer. Not like any other electronic device, MyDreamer does not require a battery or separate charging devices. It utilizes human energy while is mounted on your head.

Is MyDreamer just a dream ?

No, it is more or less in to reality.

At present, MyDreamer is a concept of a future device, that can be built with utilizing existing and available technologies. Some of the technologies are in their primary state and we might not be able to implement them in to the device. But in future, the concept will become a real device and you could have full control over your dream. Just imagine that dream has no limits!

How MyDreamer is possible ?

My Dreamer is featured by four major parts. Following are the list of them and possibilities of achieving it using available technologies. These are initial stage considerations and this may changed or altered while the device is being built.

1. Device to Dream – This is the core functionality of the device. We can accomplish this by reverse engineering Brain–computer interface (BCI). Emotive, a BCI device is already available in the market for public.
2. Store your dream – To store the dream we can use ultra micro flash cards which are capable of storing terabytes of data which uses very low energy to operate.
3. Nano batteries – Nanobatteries are fabricated batteries employing technology at the nanoscale. So the size of battery is very less that measure less than 100 nanometers.


Emotive - first commercial BCI device

Emotive - first commercial BCI device

BCI Game input concept

BCI Game input concept

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