Top 10 iPad Applications (Awesome ten iPad Apps)

If you loved my old posts about Out of box iPhone Apps and Must have iPhone Apps, here is the list of ten amazing iPad application I use now a days.



Though it smells greeky to have ssh client on top of the list, it is really a life saver for me.

Air Display

Ever wished if your monitor had touch screen? Now that dream has come true. Now you can use iPad/iPhone as additional display for your Windows and Mac with touch capability. Close your mouth and start touching your desktop icons and Paint brush with your fingers in Photoshop

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad

I love Chrome to be on my iPad as well. But for now Safari is my main browser on iPad. Skyfire is awesome because you wont miss flash videos anymore.

Phone Drive

Storing files on iDevices are still pain in Ass as unless you use iFiles. Now there are a lot of Apps which lets you use iPad as Wifi Hard Disc so that you can store files and sync files using iTunes. Photo Drive also lets you access through FTP client, which is awesome.

NAVIGON MobileNavigator

The Awesome most GPS tracking App for iPad. I know there are several other apps. But this one got almost all roads in India covered. This one got voice over feature which helps when you are driving. But dont trust machines on Indian roads yet 🙂


Google Reader Client with minimal UI and faster Syncing for Offline reading. Best app when you wake up and go out for a long day with spare time. Sync feeds in the morning and read whole day.


Who said iPad cant be used as Phone? Call me on my Google voice number and I will answer you from my iPad. I can also make calls from my Google Voice number using GV Connect. It just works like a Charm.

Real Piano HD Pro

Dont worry about the name HD and Pro, its Free! . A Beautiful music app with amazing features and simple interface. Just fell in love with it though Guitar was my favorite music instrument.


You know her very well, so do I. You will need to jailbreak to install this now a days. Apple removed her from AppStore coz its opensource.


If you know about this app, you already have it installed. Jailbreakme your iPad with a reason. This is it.

I hope you love these apps as well. Tell me if you have some awesome app on your iPad which I havent mentioned here. I love to try all of them 🙂


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3 Responses

  1. Franck says:

    Great business app to add to this list is Beesy. I’m using it in my everyday life. It’s a very good productivity app. it generates for me a ToDo list from my tasks . I can also send by mail easily my minutes after a meeting .

  2. zeekrewards says:

    This is a very nice assessment of the top ten iPad Apps, but it is a list that is ever changing as there must be hundreds of new apps being introduced each day. But competition is always a good thing.

    Thank you for the list.


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