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I own this blog. I own this blog. I will write anything I want


This will Change

Back to habits of young days. Shaping up another life. Starting like a kid who is a great king.


2013 – the fastest year ever !

Today, when I logged in to my pc & open Chrome, I saw this nice Google Doodle for New Year’s Eve. Wait… what the !!!. An year has ran away from our life and...


Valentine’s Day – What is the color of love

Just exited to see my first book “The Dark Side of LOVE” published on Google Books. Thanks for all your help and support through comments and emails. With all respect and proud, I’m presenting it here


The golden year! almost gone…

A day we live in our life is a day we dies. Every day in out life is special even if we are doing the same. And this year is almost leaving us all....


30 days of invisible life.

For last 30 days, I was in “Out of net” mission. That is, 30 days without any public online activities. No send or publish buttons, no chats no tweets etc. This gave me more time to spend on my tasks at WebCastle and to read a lot of blogs and articles.


One year of Remixing Code!

Yes, this blog is now one year old. First thing I would like to do in this occasion is to thank everyone out there reading my post and hundreds of rss feed subscribers who really encourage me to write more every week.


Yep Mee too Geek now

Update: I posted list of must have iPhone applications Last time, when I posted Geek 3.0 validation image, it said, fall in love with a cat if you are an SEO. Because present king...


New year’s resolutions 2009

Yesterday I’ve made a post on 2008. Now I am just making a wish-list to follow in the next year. I know this is zen percentage personal, but this could be last post of...


2008 – The good, the bad and the web

This is the time when people are preparing new year resolutions and searching for new year greeting messages and cards to send wishes to their friends.  But I feel no importance on changing the...