Root access to iPhone from PC

Update: Today, I came across DiskAid a better file accessing software. Available for PC and MAC.

My digging around iPhone is turning a week today. I feel like I’m with a gadget with unpredictable potential. Any ways, I’m not gonna do a review on iPhone ( that is already done by great personalities years ago 😉 ). I will tell you how I customized my iPhone in a week. And introduce you to a windows application, which can make your life easier with iPhone.

Note: If you reached here by searching for windows application to get root access to iPhone file system, scroll down to the bottom of this post or click on root access to iPhone. Otherwise, continue reading and subscribe for feed if you would like to read it later.

What I did with my iPhone ?

I got jailbrocken stuff, so there was not a lot of work around to customize it. First thing I did was, configured wifi. As I am using Gmail as my primary personal email service, I configured Gmail also. Now the next and important thing to get updated was contacts and calendar. Using Google sync, it hardly took five minutes to import my contacts and calendar events from Google to iPhone. The next turn was of Google apps, where I can have voice search and quick jump to almost all google mobile services. I like it because it is a one click go. I was exited to see Google earth in iPhone. When you move your phone, earth pans to that direction. Say, if you keep it to sky, you can see sky in screen. Great implement of motion detection feature of iPhone.

What if I’m not connected ?

As my Airtel connection is roaming here in Mumbai, and I haven’t took data plan from Vodafone, the current SIM I’m using now I am not having connection to internet when I’m on road. So decided to install some games and apps which can work offline as well. Labyrinth is a simple but exiting game using motion detection. And if you are crazy about speed like me, Fastlane is for you.

Now time is priceless and it is not for just playing game. Think of reading some good books. I said ebooks. oops there is no way to save pdf or docs and open it later. I googled for a solution and asked everyone. No one found a solution. You can open the pdfs attached to your email. But when you receive 50 emails, you will lose the old one. So that is not a permanent solution for this. Finally I found a software Air Share, which is paid one and I got Files lite, a free app for viewing docs and pdf. While playing around app store, I got MiGhty Docs where you can view your documents from Google Docs on your iPhone and read it offline.

How to access iPhone files system from PC ?

iPhone root access to file system

iPhone root access to file system

Last night I recorded a video of crazy rickshaw driver in Mumbai using Cycorder via Cyndia. And was looking around how to upload it to youtube. Finally mind said, " if you can access the file system of iPhone, you can copy anything you want from it ". But people who where using iPhone for years wont know how to get in to it. But Google knows (probably Google knows everything).

iPhone Browser, a simple windows explorer like stuff. You can navigate from root of iPhone from windows PC. This software requires Microsoft .Net framework to run ( Don’t worry if you see an error message while running the application for the first time).


I am now searching for an FTP client for iPhone, using which, I can access my web servers, edit and upload files. FTP on the go is there, but I’m looking for free 🙂 . And how to share internet from my PC to iPhone via usb cable. Help me if you have answer. Or follow me on twitter so that you can get my tweet when I get it.


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5 Responses

  1. RhysT says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there’s a way I can access/download media that on my pc using my iPhone on the go? eg. Watch a movie that’s saved to my pc off my iPhone when I’m out!

  2. CAANE says:

    iPhone Browser – Safari can not download this file… any ideas?

  3. CAANE says:

    I was wondering if you ever found a way to get the Tethering to work on your iphone. I have seen a few things like Redsn0w or something like that, but I think it is only for the MAC users. There was another that I tried but it did nothing but block the internet data package that I have and I temporarily lost access, but I resolved that by removing the profile it created. Please let me know what you have found, if anything.

  4. Juan Rios says:

    You can use FTPOnTheGo


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