– Flip media’s dedication to Mumbai terror attack

Few days before our Flip media, Dubai’s top online advertisement agency launched portal for Mumbai people. The idea of starting a portal was in mind of Flip people for a long time. The terror attack on 26th November forced Flip to give it to the people. The site is named Mumbaikar which means “the Mumbai people” and the sole message is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see“.

Mumbaikar,com home page

Mumbaikar,com home page

The site features terror timeline where you can find the history of terror attacks happened in Mumbai. The site also deals with latest events, news and articles by Mumbai people. The site is one big resource for Mumbai people on Politics, Education, Music and Media. The Mumbai helpline provides information on different helpline available in Mumbai. People outside Mumbai also can use the information. The number “1090” is usable all over India which is toll free and you can report any suspicious activity to Anti-terror squad. The identity of informer will kept as secret.

Mumbai terror timeline

Mumbai terror timeline

The part of Mumbai people website which I fount interesting is Citizen Watch where you can see the incidents happened in Mumbai in a map. Using Google maps, you can navigate to your residential area to see what happened last night in your neighborhood. You can also post incident if you are registered member. Member registration is free of coast and takes less than a minute.

Mumbai citizen watch

The close

Succeeding online media industry in Dubai, Flip is now stretching its arms to all over the world. The success of opened a way to market their service in India.

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