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Since I got an Apple iPhone, I was searching for a application which can save pdf and doc files in iPhone and read it when the network is not available. I asked the question via twitter, but no one replied to it. After googling for a time, I got Air share, which can save and read pdf, document files and many common file formats. The software features are really nice and you should not check it if you are not gonna pay for it. It coast you some $.

Files lite for iPhone

Files lite for iPhone

Then I tried searching free app for the same purpose. I came across Docs in Cyndia which looks good but require some what advanced level knowledge. And I don’t want to play with my new iPhone. So I decided not to try it. The continued searching on several forums and blogs turned me in to the easy, free and working way to get pdfs in iPhone. I tweeted it same time here. ( Follow me if you want to get latest updates 🙂 )

The application is Files Lite from OliveToast via Freshapps.com. Any one can download it free from app store. This is free lite version of Files. In the lite version there is 200 Files size limit. If you pay to upgrade and upgrade to full version, you can password protect your files, copy and save images to images folder and many features will be available.

How to install ?

1. Download and install Files Lite or search for Files lite in App store in iPhone.

2. You can find the official video tutorial here for transferring file from your MAC or PC


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6 Responses

  1. Need for PDF and office free setup for iPhone 4

  2. Kendall Magliulo says:

    Im searching for sites related to this. PDF and DOCs in iPhone | HTML Remix was a wonderful read. Glad I found you. Thanks

  3. Stefany Lenske says:

    I like the extensive content that you have here. Keep up the terrific work you do in maintaining this blog as edu blogs are normally a target for spam comments. Have you ever thought about submitting your blog to squidoo ?

  4. Peter says:

    I use an app called Discover, it is easy to use as it has a web interface to manage files, it’s also free 😀

  1. April 3, 2009

    […] a permanent solution for this. Finally I found a software Air Share, which is paid one and I got Files lite, a free app for viewing docs and pdf. While playing around app store, I got MiGhty Docs where you […]

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