Recession on world wide web

I ‘ve been reading rss feeds of several blogs since last few years which deals with web development, search engine, branding, music and many other tech and non tech blogs and website. As the number of feeds I ‘ve subscribed and free time I am getting was not in sync before two weeks, I used to scan the titles and skip less important posts from reading. But now a days, it seems so many blogs are not being updated in a regular basis. I am worried that even Google official blog seems to be less is number of posts per week.
After few clicks on Google search button, I jumped to conclusion that “recession” is the reason of this rapid change !.
Big companies are struggling to overcome the financial thread and the effect is being forced on the web too. Charlene Li, founder of the Altimeter Group, had a talk about how this economic downtown will affect web 2.0 companies and how the people can turn this in to a opportunity to improve.

While searching for a powerful brand domain last night, I landed on Firebrand website which is closed due to fund unavailability. The Firebrand website was using all the technologies to improve the user experience. You can see the video demo on youtube. This landing page shows their capability to provide TV commercials for big clients like HP, Nike and Master cards.


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  1. February 24, 2012

    […] per use – Many of big companies suffer from the so called financial crisis and lie offs been daily news.The companies having big infrastructure affected more than small […]

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