Tech people’s Social networking site ?

Today, I have received Linked in Connection request from Head of Search at Flip media Pvt LTD, Mr Iyad Tibi . I ‘ve just created the profile two three months back on LinkedIn and was not updating it due to lack of time. Today, after rush working hours, I logged in to LinkedIn and just hanged around it for a time.

LinkedIn actually looks like a social networking site for Tech people. With a full techie blue theme and nice Ajax functions, I like it well.

But I noticed one annoying thing on this site. I created a group for my company,  Flip Holding Ltd . To invite my friends to this group, I found a nice button ” Send invitations” I clicked it. Nothing happened. I tried two three times. Then I inspected the code using firebug The link was ” Mailto:” 😛

Do they really thing that people are still using those email desktop clients ? No more mailto links yaar. Did you see the screen shoot?

And one more feature I really likes is Answers . I answered some questions and asked one question .  It will remain open to responses for 7 days.

For you guys, my LinkedIn profile is


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