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Last week on a busy day, I got a courier which packed like gift in white flowered mosaic paper colored in blue. It had a letter attached to it in a cover. Surprise! it was send from a friend of mine, Mr Anoop MC. And the package was sweat Ferrero Rocher from my favorite morning spread Nutella company Ferrero.

Ferrero Rocher

One of his project called Easy Malayalam Software reached 2 million downloads. Yes, that’s a big number considering the number of computer users who use Malayalam on their computers. The application was built on 2008, when I don’t even remember what I was doing that time. He did a whole application to type Malayalam when technology was not yet there to type in Malayalam.

Now, lets gear up and go to SourceForge project and download Easy Malayalam software. Its amazing and easy to use like its mentioned on the name. Download Easy Malayalam Software.


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