My life would suck without you, because of Kelly Clarkson

I remember, it was a Friday night and I was listening to western vocals in Ananthapuri FM station. One song by an unknown female artist got hit in my mind. She says “because of you …” in a repeated order. May be that is the reason that song captured my mind completely to listen to it. When the song was completed, the presenter talked a bit about the song. Clarkson originally wrote the lyrics and melody for “Because of You” when she was sixteen years old to cope with the emotional distress she was experiencing as a result of her parent’s divorce. Clarkson has stated that although she has grown to overcome her pain, she can still relate to the pain of “Because of You“. I don’t know why I did a search on the same on Sunday morning at office in

Any way, it was a new opening in my world of music. At first I got the 3d animation version of the song. Wikipedia gave me more information about the voice behind the song and details about the song. Kelly Clarkson, who entered directly in to my music mind was that sweet vocal. Next days in my life where like zen percentage inspired by Kelly numbers. Haunted and Behind these Hazel eyes made addicted to her.

It was at October 2, I decided to make Since you been gone as my hello tune replacing Himesh’s number Tu yaad na aye aisa. I remember that day and will remember for ever till my death. Because I have a reason for it.

My life would suck without you

Latest single from Kelly Clarkson, ” My life would suck without you ” is now available to play on her Youtube channel Oh yea the first video of this song is available too :). You can also play the song here below this post.

Play song here


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