After the rain has gone

“After the rain has gone, you will find place to love again…
After the rain has gone, there will be time to love again.”

It was in mid 2008, I heard this song at first. It came to me as ring tone of my friend’s Sony Ericsson handset. Search for full version of this song is still going on and I never find the full version anywhere. I think it is time to post it here so that some of you could have the full version to send me.

Are you wondered to see a music related post here in HTML Remix? Yes I think. I have mentioned it months ago that I will be posting music related stuffs around here while talking about Blog name. So let me talk first about Music in Remiz.

I heard my family talking that I was a good singer when I was in pre school days. I proved it again when I was in 6th standard by winning the best male vocal of the school among students from 5th to 12th standards. But the time changed the situations and no man could always be the same.

The inspiration of music again turned on me when I am in 9th standard. “Itna Main Chahoon Tujhe Koyi Kisi Ko Na Chaahe…” One of the romantic numbers from Bollywood movie Raaz. The music was done by “ Nadeem Shravan” and the romantic lyrics by “Sameer”. My love to this song remained till when I found “Tujhe bhool jana jana mumkin nahi” by Indian rockstar Himesh Reshammiya. It was the first romantic number which made me cry number of times. His beats of composition and Sameer’s lyrics made the song to the perfection.

Inspiration from Himesh’s music made me think of making a band and music video albums. It was not for money by selling the album, but it was a desire to express the feelings that I have through music. When I talked about it to my team, REAL GUYz, they all agreed with me. First release of the music video album with three numbers was done in 3 months named FACTnACT – A plus to plus two. The collage authority banned the video circulation inside campus due to some reasons and we decided to roll back it.

The longest desire to do another music number with real meaning to life made us think of doing another album. The announcements where done with big promotions inside and outside campus. FACTnACT 2 – The bleeding heart. And the announcement was the only thing we did on it. The plan to that music too was dropped because of several reasons and unexpected separation happened within us.

Now I think it is time for a rethinking about music because the childhood favorite Raaz’s new version “Raaz – Mystery continues” songs are released. Even though the music was not done by Himesh, the song “Maahi maahi…” calls out the lost feelings of heart.


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9 Responses

  1. yaxir says:

    plzzz any 1 snd the sng after the has gone…i cant lve without this sng i luv it luv it sooo much

  2. Wanish says:

    can anyone send me this song ???

  3. Yadnesh says:

    Can some one pls email me this song at this address Thanks!

  4. tech gadgets says:

    I was browsing to get a bunch of music videos for my party and just found out this post. I must say that you have done a wonderful effort. Thanks mate.

  5. Saif says:

    Himesh ?? He is such a Pathetic singer my boy. How could you call him Indian rockstar. One thing is true – we all cry!! But it is when he kill the music with his nasal numbers. Ooooooooooooooonnnnnnnn!!

  6. Sunil says:

    I think you are an alrounder 😉

  7. Mohammed Asif says:

    My Dear bro, wen will the song “After the rain has gone” be completed?

  8. Mohammed Asif says:

    My dear Frend, remiz i too agree with u tat the song “Maahi maahi…” from the movie “Raaz-The Mystery Continues” is a gr8 song and yes it calls out the feelings of heart. But abt the song “Tujhe bhool jana jana mumkin nahi” is not a gr8 song and neither Himeshz an Indian Rock Star. How can u do tese kind og an Injustice my dera bro wen Himesh is competiting with singers whoz tere in tis field 4 decades. K, he mite b a gud singer 4 ppl like u but un4tunately hez not te best neither cant be in tat position. How can u sat tat te song “Tujhe bhool jana jana mumkin nahi” made u cry, i don feel anything lyk tat but i do agree te songz a romantic 1 and not tat bad also, but crying n all i don agree with u. Dude i doubt wether have u heard romantic songs from hindi, if u had gud number of Romantic Songs 4m Hindi Movie u will never cry 4 te song “Tujhe bhool jana jana mumkin nahi”.. K. Dude tese r jus my commentz No Offence,Plz

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