Google Chrome OS – Computer is no more personal

Last year, Google announced their new Lightweight Operating System, Google Chrome OS which is built from Chromium Open-source Project. Hope you have read my feature request for the same already.

When I started using computer years ago, a tag-line inspired me was “Computer is more personal now” I think its of Intel or HP. But now, when it comes to Google Chrome OS, “computer is no more personal”. I’ll explain why.
This is the part I love!. As you are not storing anything locally, you don’t have to (or you can’t) actually download any files. Files downloaded are being transferred to gDrive automatically. So even the download source website has removed the files, you can have it on your gDrive.

Chrome Doesn’t Store anything locally

As per latest information available on the Internet, Chrome will not be saving any personal data on local computer when you operate it. Everything is stored on Google Account’s GDrive. I still love to call it gDrive even Google just implemented it with Docs.

Anyone can log in to any computer

As there is no data stored on local computer, no user accounts are created locally. You just need a Google Account to login to PC from anywhere. So you can login to any computer from anywhere using any login credentials.

Utilizing Google’s new OAuth login API lets you login account with OpenID, Yahoo and many popular site accounts. So there is huge rush for making use of these accounts also to let access Chrome OS

No more Downloads

As for now, gDrive lets you upload up to 1GB. But you can add storage anytime for cost of 5$ per year for 20GB onwards. But the thing is, Google might not let you store illegal materials like Cracked applications, Pirated movies and songs etc. I’m watching that one though!

Anyways, computer is not gonna be personal anymore. And chances you get sued if you lost your Google account password is very high. Now tell me what you think? Will you be trashing Windows from your PC and install Chrome OS which boots in less than two seconds?


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6 Responses

  1. BigJon says:

    Maybe i’m getting old… But i love my home ‘lair’ with all the flickering monitors and humming computers (not so much the heat & the cost).
    I suspect Chrome OS and the like are the future for most – but i will always have my own network of PCs doing things not possible, and more securly, then Clouding.
    Now where did i put that floppy…

  2. Chris says:

    The problem with cloud computing is simply that its on the cloud.

    Modern PC’s are intended as more than just a web browser or a document typer. I use my PC for Gaming, Entertainment, Movies, Web Design, Socialising, Work.

    Although I am a fan of Chrome OS, and the underlying linux, I would loose the gaming aspect, I would also loose Movies since I store all my movies on my computer, I would also not be able to do my work or web design as the documents I store are classified and the fact they are on the cloud increases vunerability.

    The only things I would considor using Chrome OS for is
    – Basic Web Browsing
    – Email
    – Facebook & Twitter

    Which is basically what I use my HTC wildfire for.

  3. Solomon baldwin says:

    Now this post has given me some new idea.

  4. sonicdream says:

    You never had or will have any “true” privacy, but when it comes to Google, at least for me, even the word seems to dissapear without a trace. I find “clouding” and its adjacent tehnologies a pretty good future service for companies and corporations, but i find it almost useless for many home computer users(at least for me). Maybe i`m old fashioned, but i won’t embrace any of these new trends until the moment when i’ll have no other choice. Steve & Bill are still in my heart xoD

    • Remiz says:

      Yea, for an old school home pc user, chrome os isn’t a bashing stuff. For people roaming around home, office and often travel or use a smart phone in everyday life, chrome is a charm.

      For home user, you can browse the Internet as fast you turn on your tv! Chrome os boots iness than few seconds. And you don’t need a high configuration hardware, chrome costs you silly penny. So why you need a PC still?

  5. shiva says:

    I should give a try!

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