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March 20, 2009

Follow on Twitter?

Posted by : Remiz
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Few months ago, I started to tweet and then I see a boom in growth of twitter. And it reached on competing with Google on real time searching. Now a days, I used to tweet anything which came across me and I don’t think further on it. Today I got few free hours and thought of having a look on twitter. As I am using twhirl, a desktop version of twitter with Adobe AIR platform and bookmarklets to tweet, I don’t check . But today, I realized that I am following only near 10 people. Including Google, Mattcutts and few colleagues at Flip media.



Whom I should follow ?

  • People I really know
  • People who are my source of latest information ( like @google, @mattcutts )
  • People who can make me laugh 🙂
  • People whom I find interesting.

Where I can find such people ?

First place you can find those first people is in your followers page. I just mouse over the name and of there is no real name, I will mouse over the next person. I will check the bio of the profile and surely click the link nearby. Mostly the bio is having nothing to do with me. If I fount the url interesting which is your company website or a personal blog, I might follow the person.

I remember that few days before I’ve been on where you can find people of your interest. That’s all ? No, you can always check the blogs where you find information you want because most bloggers are using twitter now a days.

Will I follow you ?

Well, that is a worthy question. For me, there are some strategies to follow someone on twitter. Even though it is not mandatory, I like talking to people on twitter with people who are with real photos and names. It is nice to talk to a person with a name and face together. There are some more thing I will check.

  • I don’t want to follow a "Publisher" who posts links of his own blog each period. There should be few @replies, re tweets and few link. Seriously, I hate spam
  • Are you informative to me? I found bytes of information which I think will help me, you are followed
  • You look intelligent from your tweets and you have a good blog
  • You made me laugh.

It is fun to know

Here is a tool where you can find whom you followed at first and last. No use of knowing it, but still you can have a look. I followed @charleneli at first. She is founder of Altimeter Group, a web 2.O speaker and consultant.

Future of twitter

Will Google acquire as they did before on several services like Youtube and Blogspot ? Few weeks ago, Google discontinued Jaiku a service similar to twitter and started own account on twitter.

Lets be connected

Now it is time to know each other. You may send a tweet to me @remiz , Let see whether I should follow you or not. And decide yourself with your strategies whether to follow me or now 🙂

Thses are my thoughts on twitter and to or not to follow on twitter. Now let me know what you think about twitter. What are your stratergies to follow a person. Waiting to read them in comments.

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