Friends Remix – A pre-dead Facebook application which could kill everyone’s Privacy

Facebook is well known for their privacy issues and related stuff. Here I am revealing a Facebook application plan I made last year which was banned before launching on Facebook due to Privacy restriction. Like many people on the web, I believe in open data access. That is, access to data to everyone. If a data is available for someone, everyone should have access to it for free or a very free rate.

Lets come to Facebook back. Facebook has 500 million users and their database of people and their detail is the biggest of all user database. But why a “Social” media website should have so called strict privacy settings? If you don’t want to be public, simply don’t use Facebook. I hate anonymous people. Who are shy, boneless and lady-habited? So let’s break it.

Why Friends Remix?

Have you ever wanted to get more detail of your friend of friend? She was hot and you know only her name? She has got privacy protection enabled on facebook and you are not so close to add as a friend? Hmmm.. there is still a way you can see her full profile. Even photos !!!

Your Client is on Facebook? Want to know more about him but you don’t want add him as friend? There is a way.

Yes, a Remix that mixes up all the friends and makes the private data public. Did I ever mention that you can earn money too ? That’s right you get money out of this Application.

How Friends Remix Works?

Its very simple. You can buy and sell Facebook profiles of anyone.

You only need a Facebook profile.

Really? Is it that simple ? – Yes that’s all !!


Simply follow the diagram to see process.

Friends Remix

Note: The app is removed due to Facebook’s privacy policy guidelines. So you cant no more buy profiles. The app is still available with limited functionality on Facebook apps


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