World Search Championship

Today, in the morning, I got a mail from Yahoo ( <>) regarding World Search Championship to my id. It was about a competetion of ten questions about whole world. You can use any resource as you like. Like search engines, any websites or ask a friend. But the point is calculated on basic of time. Say, every second is calculated.

Do you think I’m not gonna participate ? You are mistaken . I ran to because I love searching:) and it gets a new thrill when time is calculated . I opened the webiste. OOoopz it is partially brocken . Even in the fastest internet connetion in the country, the page loads like BSNK Dail up. Yahoo server sucks 😛 .

Any how I managed to register on the site and began the champianship . I answered the first two questions in 30 seconds. I can do it in 3 seconds because I am looking Google, not Yahoo :). But the question should load from Yahoo server na 🙂 . After the successfull entry of second answer, site lost it’s life. No loading, but when I say ‘submit’,  it says ” Dont be hurry . we are working 😛 ” who knows what work they are doing…

Any way, now the site is not loading 😛 . May be server burned due to hight traffic . The price offered are HP customized laptops, Nokia n96 and Sont PS3 🙂 . Who will get it ?

I have something to tell yahoo.

  • This is 2008.
  • Number of Internet users are not same of 1994 🙂 ( When Y! started )
  • When you start some thing BIG, ask Google how to .


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