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Schedule Call and SMS on iPhone

Quick and reliable method to schedule calls and sms from your iPhone. Never miss your chance to impress your loved onces


A look back to 2010

Everything about 2010 in 1090 words. Big hits and big loses. Life is a mix of emotions and success.


Vision Remix – Change the view

There been an idea of having a video blog in my mind for a long time. But it wasn’t really happened due to a lot of reasons. I got covered off many of them....


Inviting investments in My Dream

Introducing first ever device to decide what to dream. Yes, now you have control over your mind even while you sleep.


Flash on iPhone

This tutorial will let you install Flash support for iPhone and iPod touch. Also iPad.


Out of box iPhone Apps

List of Amazing iPhone apps like Screen recorder, Shake to answer call, Quick Reply SMS, Video recording, Caller Location identification and much more.