Google drives to 404

Last day, I found an interesting service which is in India labs only. Google SMS channels . I dont remember how I got in to that page, but it was quite same like smsgupshup More over, you can set alerts from rss feeds, blogs and even search results !.
Now this post is not to talk about SMS channel, but as usual, I will check the root url ( ). Wow it looks like same as with limitted number of items, specially for Indians. On going down, I see that there is some thing available for other countries. As my interest is on music, and I want to know which song is popular among GooG users, I just clicked Music trends. 404!

What ? Yes, a BIG link from home page of Google labs turns 404 ? unbelivable isn’t
Any way, I just dropped an email to G team, but today too, the same 404 page is loading :). May be they are busy with rolling back Lively or designing more themes for gmail ! Or are they sleeping ?

Update: I have added screen shoot of 404 error page before GooG team fix it. Thanks to Saif Bhai for the idea


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