My condolence to IE6


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2 Responses

  1. guest says:

    I even thinking about leaving profession for some time, until IE6 (maybe IE7) entirely die.

    Because I don’t want to fight will windmills.

  2. shameer says:

    this article sounds good, not jst developers hating IE6 but most of the internet users started hating IE. All the users need faster and easier browsers. And these days we have enuf choices to choose.
    When i started using IE6 i found nothing bad in that, becoze at the time internet means IE only, when i first saw opera browser, at the time opera need 2 buy for full version, they were showing ads in browser for free users. when i used opera first time i started hating IE. Becoze that time opera had some superb functions like tabbed browsing, built in download manager, session saving etc.
    the entry of firefox to the world of browsers changed every thing.After that competitinn between browsers increased.
    Firefox is my best choice.Aftes that only i sugest opera and chrome. I tried Google Chrome. But im not satisfied with its performence. Regular crashes and lack of warning when closing multiple tabs compeld me think about other browser.
    But updation of browses works wel wid Chrome. Chrome have some good functions but it stil mising some of good functions from Firefox

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