My condolence to IE6

When I started using Internet four years back in my Windows 98 PC, I had no idea what a browser is and there are alternatives for IE5. But within few months, I came across an article on local new paper about Opera, the high-speed tabbed browser. With no time, it become my favorite. After it, I never preferred IE as my personal browser. Later I moved to Firefox and then to Chrome.

When Microsoft released IE6 with Windows XP on August 27, 2001 (I might not even heard the word Computer šŸ˜› ), developers were so happy to welcome a brand new browser with a lot of features. Like XMLHTTP request, Security zones, Media bar, Auto complete and many more. For developers it was dream come true because it supported DHTML, CSS level 1, Mouse Wheel Events and full Dom level 1 support. This let them play magic on browser with JS and changed the way people enjoyed using internet.


Who ever has born, they all have to die. That is the rule of universe. And here you go IE6. We developers have been trying to kill you for last few years. But it was surely not because we hate you. We love you for what you did in the past. You made millions of people like me to start using internet. You tried your best to show up the pages in the best manner which use the JS and CSS technologies we invented last year too. But it is too late, you are aged over 9 years. 9years in the internet age is so long. Even the first iPod was released after you only, and you know what? Even Steve Jobs don’t have a copy of that now!. We even made campaigns to make you retire, but you didn’t.

I know it is hard to say, but I can’t resist to say it. Rest In Peace.

IE6 murder suspects.

  • First attempt by Google
  • Second major attempt by Tomshardware – Some people at Microsoft are suspected to be involved in this. They received flowers from MS.
  • Techworld on Gmail and Google Calendar will stop supporting IE6 this year.
  • Youtube wont support IE6 from March 13th onwards.
  • Google is busy sending emails to Google App users saying they will be dropping support for Google Apps in IE6 very soon.

Please submit more news here on your comments. Also, take your time to send your regards and prayers to our beloved IE6.


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2 Responses

  1. guest says:

    I even thinking about leaving profession for some time, until IE6 (maybe IE7) entirely die.

    Because I donā€™t want to fight will windmills.

  2. shameer says:

    this article sounds good, not jst developers hating IE6 but most of the internet users started hating IE. All the users need faster and easier browsers. And these days we have enuf choices to choose.
    When i started using IE6 i found nothing bad in that, becoze at the time internet means IE only, when i first saw opera browser, at the time opera need 2 buy for full version, they were showing ads in browser for free users. when i used opera first time i started hating IE. Becoze that time opera had some superb functions like tabbed browsing, built in download manager, session saving etc.
    the entry of firefox to the world of browsers changed every thing.After that competitinn between browsers increased.
    Firefox is my best choice.Aftes that only i sugest opera and chrome. I tried Google Chrome. But im not satisfied with its performence. Regular crashes and lack of warning when closing multiple tabs compeld me think about other browser.
    But updation of browses works wel wid Chrome. Chrome have some good functions but it stil mising some of good functions from Firefox

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