Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 review – 10.1 inch Android Tab

After three years with my lovely iPhone, I decided to try my hands on Android. And the best choice available when I thought of it was Samsung galaxy s2. The feature rich and killer smartphone available in the market.

But now a days I found myself less interested in using a smartphone, but loving the post PC era. The tablets are rolling around. So I reviewed tablets available which will help me a lot in my job and of course for gaming. iPad was the first choice. But now I have a super priority choice. “Samsung Galaxy Tab 750”

Not only it has got dual core processor, latest version of Android Honeycomb makes the hardware software blending amazing.

No, you can’t compare it with an iPad 2. This has got 1280X800 large display when iPad 2 still has 1024X768 like the old windows PCs had in 90’s. The camera in Tab comes with an awesome 8MP with Flash on rear and 2MP camera on front.

Now, checking what I would love to do in a new gadget that I’m buying galaxy 750 overtakes iPad a lot. Considering i don’t need 25 Twitter applications and 34 farting applications from the AppStore, Android is Google’s and I get almost everything that I want to do on it. Real HD movies, Google Talk with video etc are invoking me to buy one soon.

Now about pricing, ipad 16gb 3g+wifi comes at 36K in India . But galaxy in India costs around 33K, which is deal-maker.

Did I mention that galaxy tab is thinner than iPad2 which Steve said tremendously slimmer than the iPhone 4 you have! And less weight than an Ipad 2.

Features in a Table

Check out Samsung website to see more information.


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  2. Lijeesh says:

    Reading the reviews on FlipKart, it seems it’s not worthy of 30K+

    • bemoneyaware says:

      Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 would be available only in Sept.
      In FlipKart u can only pre-order. This is much better
      than the earlier Samsung Galaxy Tab launched. Worst part
      of Gadgets is their name-so similar adds to confusion!!

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  5. Mayur says:

    This android tab is loaded with honeycomb which specially made for tablets..
    thus the Samsung tab is rocking !!
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  6. Rem (@remiz) says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 review – 10.1 inch Android Tab

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