How Airtel become worst cellular company in India


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  1. Madhu says:

    All these service providers are thriving at the cost of govt official. These private company know that if they bribe the corrupt official once thay can live long without any service. Thanks to rampant corruption in India we Indians suffers due to these incompetent bastards like Airtel or Hathway…

  2. hamza says:

    man i cant even use 3g every time i try ut says that ur free data is more than 50 mb i font even know what that means. Fuck airtel

  3. Melvin Jose says:

    That airtel which I am using is a fuck bullshit .it has a speed of just 10 or 12 kbps. Now without any reason I cant send or recieve any calls and message.i like to change my sim but I am scared to do it .as I think it will happen in other sim too. Can you prefer a best sim card with highest broadband speed

  4. deepak says:

    Airtel is SHIT , trust me . WORST service provider

  5. ashkai says:

    Even i face the prob, your no. Is temperorily blocked and i got rectified luckily! Airtel really sucks! I was a fan. Now it sucks! Really sucks!i m using a 3G pack but still i m able to use oly 2G! WEN I complained tat fucker in customer care asking me to change setting in my mobile and telling its prob wit my mob! I m using net more than 5yrs and i kno wether its in 2G or 3G. Still its not solved and i was pissed off n left it!

  6. Vir says:

    vodafone is best for BB , HATHWAY best for cable-net , for wireless it is Reliance … even if Airtel gives me free plan i will not buy Airtel for any product ..

  7. Tejash says:


  8. vishkai says:

    airtel response sucks. customer care people cares but not those fucking assholes sitting as manager in all Airtel office , ARC and lobbies.. they think we are fools and they are big fucking intellectuals.

  9. Sankar says:

    I Really Support you Yar.

    Airtel toooooooooooo Worst.
    Airtel was barathiya beggar cutting crores & Crores of amount from balance & nobody respond us even if we call ( that too by paying Charge) they dont respond. The final best answer is — Ok sir we will check.

  10. Amass says:

    You’re right, customer care isn’t great. But i get them, the payment is not worth it considering the effort.

  11. Himanshu says:

    Yes Dude you are right.
    My brother had an Airtel Broadband and when he shifted it he had to disconnect it.He paid all his expenses and had a NOC from them but they kept on tormenting him with calls to clear his never existing dues.I also have an Airtel BB and their modem works whenever it wishes to.I got the modem checked and the service center said it was ok.Moreover I had heard in the past that Airtel people here even tried to THREATEN people.In one such case a young woman here was imposed with bills she never owed and when she refused to pay after many calls from Airtel,She suddenly got a call from a number who claimed to be a High Court lawyer and said that she will be sued within 2 weeks for not paying up the expenses as a complaint has been lodged against her.Couple of days later she enquired at the high court and found out that there is no lawyer there with the name he mentioned on the phone to her…again LOL n WTF???? 😀

  12. Lijeesh says:

    I use BSNL BB for home and two 3G connections for my android and netbook. Services are good until some problem occurs. The support is poor in solving problems. You may have to make endless phone calls and visits to telephone exchange if you are ‘lucky’ 🙂

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