bbPress post and topic Moderation Plugin – bbPress plugin

Plugin name : BB Moderation Plugin
Release date : 2011-07-30


bbPress (wordpress powered stand alone forum) plugin, enables admin to moderate new topics and posts and alterts by email.
This plugin will enable features to hold topics and posts for moderation. Administrator can also specify email addresses for each of them to be notified in case of new post or new topic moderation hold


1. Upload the file into /my-plugins/ directory
1. If you don’t have a /my-plugins/ directory in your bbpress installaltion,
create it on the same level as config.php.
4. Its done.

The admin menu can accessed by keymaster from

Admin > Site Management > Moderation Options

The Topics and posts held for moderation will be listed in

Admin > # Content > Topics for Moderation &

Admin > # Content > Posts for Moderation


Not available.

Known issues

Please report issues in comments. This is modified version of BB Moderation Hold (0.4.1) by Aditya Naik


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