7 Secrets about Google That Mesmerize You

Today Google is a verb, a monster, both unavoidable and whose
power is not really measured in terms of just e-commerce development or an ingenious SEO agency utilizing its algorithm for higher ranking. Today Google also has a number of mysteries surrounding it, or users who are absolutely looking to show the face of what we
never see. You can be the master of the world and keep your child’s soul. Regularly, Google has fun hiding little useless but often fun features called “easter eggs”. To shine in front of the coffee
machine (and if you have a few minutes to lose), here are the 7 secrets on google that mesmerize you:
Get attacked by Google’s “OOs”, play at Atari’s breakout, find the ultimate answer to the meaning of life. Here are some of the features hidden by Google.

1. Play Atari breakout (Atari breakout)
Go to the Google.com/images image search page. Type in the search bar “Atari breakout”. Google uses images to create Atari’s famous breakout game. You just have to move the bar with
your mouse to break bricks.

2. Visit the “Tardis”, the ship / telephone booth of Dr. Who

Doctor Who? But if, that famous doctor, a hero of the oldest sci-fi series, who travels through time and space aboard an old police phone booth. If you want to visit his ship/cabin, the “Tardis” so, find through Google Maps the “Police Telephone Box” which is located: Earl Court, London SW5 9RB, United Kingdom You then have the opportunity to visit the “Tardis” by entering
the cabin. The visit takes place on the same principle as the 360 ° visits to the stores available in Google Street View.

3. Have a Harlem Shake made to his YouTube page

You know? This crazy “dance” performed by people often disguised. In short, to see your YouTube page related to dancing; type “do the harlem shake” in the search bar. The YouTube logo will then start to move. First alone. Before being joined by the other thumbnails of the

4. Being attacked by Google’s “OOs”
Type: “zerg rush” in the search bar. You will then see Google’s “OOs” attacking your search page. For culture: the “zerg rush” is a tactic used in strategy video games. It’s about getting on the enemy as quickly as possible to overwhelm him. To stop the “zerg rush” of Google, just click on the “clear” button.

5. Show Google in Klingon
Do you speak Klingon? The fictional language of Star Trek? Do not laugh, this language is taught in the United States. It is as complete as the eflique imagined by Tolkien (The Lord
of the Rings). In short, to display Google in Klingon, type “Google Klingon” in “I’m lucky”. This function is also valid with “Google pig latin”, a mixture of verlan and Javanese (?!), With “Google bork bork”, the language of the “Swedish Chef” of the “Muppet Show”, or “Google Elmer Fudd “, language of the hunter of the Looney Tunes.

6. Gravitating your Google Page
To collapse the whole page header of Google (gravity requires), type “Google gravity” in the function “I’m lucky”. And it’s the fall. Do a search to see!
7. Find the answer to the big question about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything

If you are looking for the answer to this question, type: “life response” in Google.
The Google calculator will then answer “42”. For 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything. It is Douglas Adams who says it in “The Guide of the galactic traveler”. The only problem is that no one really knows which specific question this 42 answers. But that’s the ultimate answer, be sure…

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