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My first WordPress plugin

Guys at has approved my first WordPress plugin Category pagination fix. This plugin is to fix a bug in WordPress while you are using custom permalink structure. See the project details page for...


My first Google Chrome extension

Hi dear readers, I’ve just released my first Google Chrome Extension – Developer style switch. Now you can load any style file to any website in Chrome ( may be like Stylish extension in...


Offline map in iPhone

While traveling I really wish I could access Maps in iPhone and get idea about the surroundings where I am. But as I am not subscribed to cellular service data plans, I don’t have...


Root access to iPhone from PC

iPhone Browser, a simple windows explorer like stuff. You can navigate from root of iPhone from windows PC. This software requires Microsoft .Net framework.


PDF and DOCs in iPhone

Since I got an Apple iPhone, I was searching for a application which can save pdf and doc files in iPhone and read it when the network is not available. I asked the question...



I know it is too late to own this one. Any way, now I did it 🙂 Sent from my iPhone


WordPress theme : THEMERemix v1.o

Last weekend, I was thinking to do some thing that I never think of, and I did it! a wordpress theme. I provided a download link via twitter and allowed every one to have...


Follow on Twitter?

Few months ago, I started to tweet and then I see a boom in growth of twitter. And it reached on competing with Google on real time searching. Now a days, I used to...


Paste image from clipboard to Gmail body

Update 14 June 2011 : Today, GMail added feature to copy paste images from clip board to GMail Body. This was my suggestion I made three years ago!. And the reason why Google is...